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Torso Twists

Getting perfect abs may not be as hard as you think. to prove this, we will focus on the torso twist exercise in the following text. The abdominal area is where fat seems to gather the most and this is a problem that even targets people with a flat belly. Only constant exercising can remove the fat gathered in this location and one exercise in particular will help you to achieve this. It is called the torso twist. This exercise is great and it can make your abs look perfect, but it needs to be performed regularly, steadily and slowly. The intensity of the exercise needs to be gradually increased so start with several repetitions.

The Exercise and Varieties

The exercise is done while standing straight with hands placed on the back area of the head. While in this position, move your torso ninety degrees in the left but nothing else should move except the torso. This position needs to be held for several seconds and then it is necessary to return to initial position. Do the same for the other side. Remember that the abs must be held tight when in the position. Do this exercise slowly for best results and do fifteen to twenty repetitions.

Next exercise is called sitting torso twists and it is done while sitting on a flat bench with feet on the floor. Just take a stick or a long bar and put your arms around it and across the shoulders. Next you need to move the torso to the left as far as you can, but the whole body must remain still while torso can only move. Stay in this position for three seconds while the oblique muscles are squeezed. Take the initial position to end the exercise. Do the same for the other side and a total of fifteen repetitions. You can also do this exercise while sitting on a floor and knees slightly bent. Take a medicine ball and place it in your hands. Then with the chest lifted and back straight, lean back and rotate the torso right wise until the ball makes contact with the floor by the hip. Rest between every set and you need to do from one to three sets with ten to fifteen repetitions.

Lying torso twists is the next exercise for which you need to be on the floor with bent knees. Place the arms outwards and your palms upwards with the exercise ball placed between the knees. Next what you should to do is raise the feet at an angle of nineteen degrees after which comes the movement of the hips to the right and this is when you should place the knees in the direction of the floor. The knees and the floor cannot make contact, so bring them with your abs to the initial position. Do the same with the other side.

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