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Yoga and Exercise Balls

You have probably seen exercise balls being used in many sports and aerobic disciplines. People implement these PVC, elastic, air-filled balls into their workout programs, making them more creative and, thereby, more effective. There are many different exercises one may indulge in once he/she decides to use exercise balls. What is more, these come in different sizes and weights, so one can modify their exercise experience in various ways. In case you did not know, yoga also implements these workout props into its program, providing you basis for many excellent exercises you can benefit from.

Yoga Ball Exercises

Before you start working out with a yoga ball, make sure that the ball you choose fits you perfectly. This way, you can avoid certain injuries. Also, get to know the ball well, practicing basic positions using it, getting adjusted working out this way.

The first exercise involves you standing next to a wall and pressing the ball on it. Then, by rolling the ball downwards, perform a squat. Once you are down with your knees bent behind your toes, start ascending while rolling the ball upwards, straightening the knees. Twelve repetitions of this exercise will suffice.

Men can also benefit from yoga balls. If they desire to boost their abs, and their arm muscles, they may want to perform push-ups with a yoga ball. All you need to do is to place the upper parts of your legs onto the ball, making your body parallel to the floor while keeping the hands at a 90 degrees angle with your torso. Perform push-ups this way and enjoy the benefits of this excellent workout.

All hard-working people tend to have back problems. For them, the yoga ball superman exercise is the best thing. Perform this by lying on a yoga ball with your stomach, forming a 45 degree angle. Then, while balancing with your feet, stretch your arms in front of you as if you were flying and hold for several seconds.

Finally, for toning those lower back muscles, you might lie down on your back, get hold of the yoga ball by keeping it between your knees and, while resting your hands on your sides, lift the ball up and hold it for a bit, tensing the muscles. Repeat this 12 times.

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