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It is not a mystery what most of people, especially men, wantwhen they start going to a gym. Yes, it is all about bulked up muscles and lessfat, although some men put muscles in front of fat, not caring much if there issome excessive weight present. This, of course, is a wrong direction for weightexercising and people should realize that fat elimination is very important,almost more than having strong muscles.

Building a body

Additional weight is needed if a person wants to increasethe muscle mass drastically. Not only that, there should be use of supplementspresent too, particularly those that will directly help with the increase of musclemass and also with muscle recovery, fat burning, energy boosting etc. Additionalweight for bodybuilding comes in the form of dumbbells, barbell and workoutmachines. Using added weight is the only way to perform resistance training. Thisis a form of training, which requires effort from muscles in order to subdue theresistance created by added weight. Dumbbells are commonly used for this effectand they are very popular because they are practical and can be used in a homeworkout (they do not require much space for storing).

Free weights

Dumbbells, or free weights as some call it, come in manyshapes and weight. Most popular are short steel bars with weight added to bothside of those bars. Bar is long enough for a hand to hold it comfortably. A dumbbellset includes two bars and two sets of weights, which can create severaldifferent weight levels for different exercises and different levels of exercisingintensity.

What is the most popular dumbbell exercise to build muscles?Without any doubt, it can be said that biceps curl is most commonly performed exercisingform with dumbbells. It is usually done from a standing position in which feetare set at the shoulder width for keeping a proper posture. Also, the body isstraight and arms are set aside from torso, right next to it holding the dumbbellswith palms facing forward. All that is required is bending the arms in elbowsand lifting the dumbbells. It is important to keep the hands and forearms inthe same line and also not to move the elbows. The body must not move either, although somepeople jerk the spine backwards and lift dumbbells easier, which is not thepoint.

Other exercises used with dumbbells include variations of abench press, triceps workout, and some people even use weights without the bar whiledoing abdominal exercises (weights are placed on the belly).

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