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Dumbbell exercise routine

When exercising, it is important to perform exercises properly, not because to create results as fast as possible, but in order to avoid specific injuries that might happen. This means that before any exercises start, warming up and stretching must be performed. This will prepare muscles for the training session and will not allow occurrence of spasms and cramps. Warming up all the elements in joints is also very important, because joints are put under a lot of pressure, especially if weight lifting is involved. Also, when a training session is done, stretching is also necessary, even more important now than before the exercising. It is also recommendable to use some muscle recovery products, minerals and vitamin cocktails to keep the organism safe.

Types of exercise

We can say that exercises can be divided into those that use the additional weight and those that are done without it. Additional weight is presented in forms of barbells and dumbbells; kettle bells are also used sometimes. As the weight becomes heavier, it is obvious that some injury can happen more easily, therefore, more caution is needed. Using additional weight is excellent for increasing muscle mass; actually, that is the only way to achieve constant mass gaining. It is also important to emphasize that weight has to be increased from time to time, otherwise, no development and growth can be achieved in that way. This means that at the moment when exercise becomes easy, increasing weight has to be done.

Using dumbbells

Dumbbells are very important because they are a practical instrument for gaining muscle mass and they are not very big and can be used at home. Barbell is much larger and for using some basic exercises for barbell, bench is also required. It is possible to create a solo dumbbell exercise routine that will be great for bulking up effect. When using dumbells one should recognize what they want from their routine. Bulking up effect is one, creating lean muscles is also possible with lower weight, and there is also a hybrid type, something between the first and second type. Routine would include biceps curl, bench press, triceps workout, shoulder workout, and even abs workout can be done with the help of dumbbells. This routine can be done at home or in a gym, and each location has its own benefits. Stretching and warming up is important, wherever the routine is performed.

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