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Workout routines to build muscle

Let's face it, almost hundred percent of men entering the gym or starting a home workout want only one thing – the muscles! Toned, bulked up, without any fat, in one word - perfect! Is that possible for a regular person, the one who cannot exercise for more than a couple of times a week for about hour or two? Of course it is. So, what are workout routines to build muscles?


There is generally one basic workout type that has to be applied and that is resistance training. What does it mean? Muscles need some weight to subdue, some weight that will make resistance for muscles when they need to perform an exercise motion. In those moments, when extra effort has to be made in order to execute the exercise, muscle mass growth is initiated. However, the actual muscle growth does not happen in that moment, but later on, when the muscles are resting and recovering. That is why it is important to rest enough and properly, which is where some practitioners make a mistake thinking that more exercising without resting between the training sessions will create more muscle mass.

It is important to always use additional weight, but it is also essential to increase that weight from time to time. This means that at one moment, muscles will easily subdue the current weight and more is needed to keep the muscles grow.


What would be some workout routines to build muscle mass? For some serious trainings, 5 days a week should be used for muscle mass building, with one day for complete resting and with one day for some cross cardio training. This cardio is also important because that will activate the muscle fibers in a different way, which is a good thing. Each day should focus different muscle groups. One day should be used for torso building (all sorts of dumbbell and barbell press), next day should be used for back and arms, for example. The third day should be for legs and torso again, and so on. All of these training days must include abdominal exercises for strengthening the core (abdominal area and the corresponding back area).

When the muscle mass reach certain physiological limit, it can be developed more but supplements must be used. Those are muscle mass gainers, energy boosters, fat burners, products for muscle mass recovery and vitamin cocktails, too. Of course, it would be smart to consult an expert when it comes to using these products.

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