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Exercising in a gym or at home is excellent for reducing weightand shaping the muscles. For additional muscle mass increase, it might benecessary to use some supplements. Healthy menu is required and obligated. Of course,increasing muscle mass cannot be achieved without the use of additional weight.There are two major instruments used for adding weigh, barbell and dumbbells.Barbell is usually something that can be found in a gym, it is too big to be keptin a house unless there is a room for exercising only. As for the dumbbells, theyare much more practical because they can be put under bed, in the closet, etc.And exercising with dumbbells does not require too much space.


Dumbbell workout routine should be carefully planned. Thisis additional weight we are talking about here, and if exercises are not doneproperly, some sort of injury might happen. Doing the exercises with dumbbellsis also important for creating the best possible results; simply flailing withthat weight in hands might not be productive. For creating routine, a goal isneeded. Perhaps the entire torso and arms need bulking up, perhaps it is onlythe biceps, triceps, perhaps only back muscles need tweaking a bit. Whatever exercise is done, the most important thing is toalways, always warm up properly. This will not only activate the muscles sothat they will give the maximum, but possible strains and other injuries can beavoided this way. Also, if no specific group needs to be focused on, then all the groupsshould be worked out.

Dumbbells can be used in three different ways, for buildingmass (the heaviest weight), for toning the muscles (medium weight)and for weight loss (lightweight is used). As for the exercises, there are lunges, squats,leg extensions, leg curls, chest and incline press, biceps curl and others. It is important to have at least half a minute of rest between the sets, if not, a pause is skipped. Each exercise should include at least 6 sets(weight and number of reps depending on the desired shape).

Additional obligations

Supplements are a must if we want to build up muscles some more.No matter how hard we try, at some point the muscle mass will reach its naturallimit, and for the next level, muscle mass gainers are needed. Also, if there issome fat present and cannot be eliminated with exercises only, fat burners mustbe used.

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