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Information on Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is perhaps one of the most delicious ways aperson can garnish virtually any type of food. Cottage cheese is also verypopular among bodybuilders because it provides the human body with numerousprecious nutrients.

Cottage Cheese Nutrition Facts

Each serving of 226 grams of low fat cottage cheese with 1percent milk fat contains so many numerous nutrients which are very importantfor the overall health of the human body and they enhance various functionsinside the body. Cottage cheese which is not low in fat cannot be deemed tohealthy, so one should always stick with low fat cottage cheese.

Cottage cheeseis one of the numerous dairy products but is one of the healthiest too becauseit contains a significantly low amount of calories and fat. The serving of 226grams of cottage cheese contains only 163 calories. Calories contained in thefat content of the given serving sums up to just 20 calories. Most of thosecalories can be burned rather easily. The same serving contains only 2 grams offat of which the saturated fats take up only 1 gram. People who are cautiousabout their intake of carbohydrates are probably going to love cottage cheeseas the same aforementioned serving contains only 6 grams of carbohydrates.

All6 grams come from the sugar content and, on the downside of things, cottagecheese does not contain any fiber. Cottage cheese is a remarkable source ofproteins, though. Each serving of 226 grams of cottage cheese contains 28 gramsof proteins. The same serving also contains a rather high amount of 918milligrams of sodium. Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of certainnutrients such as phosphorus, vitamin B12, riboflavin, calcium and selenium,among many others.

Cottage Cheese Nutritional Benefits

Since cottage cheese contains significant amounts of proteinand very small amounts of fats it can be of great help for all those who aretrying to lose some weight. It may not be doing miracles but it certainly wouldnot harm the efficiency of any weight loss diet.

Bodybuilders are always tryingto find new and improved diets loaded with proteins, so cottage cheese canalways be a welcome addition to any of those diets. Cottage cheese can alsoprovide vegetarians with numerous health benefits. It is efficient in strengtheningthe bones as well which makes it a perfect type of food for children.

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