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Of all the types of cheese, cottage cheese is perhaps the one thatcontains the least calories and that is rich in proteins. One more plus is thatit can be consumed on a regular basis, without any danger of excessive weightgain. It is a common occurrence that in the evening or in the middle of thenight your stomach decides to rebel and, by consistent growling, make you takethat trip to the kitchen. Once there, it is often quite difficult to make adecision on what to grab, as it might turn out to be a spoiler for your,otherwise impeccable, diet plan. One of the solutions in such situations is, ofcourse, cottage cheese.

Health benefits

This type of cheese is by far much healthier than normal cheese.It abounds in proteins and is low in carbohydrates. Aside from this, it hasmild flavor, making it highly desirable among both children and adults. Itcontains a certain amount of whey, which can be rinsed or drained off thecheese, and in that way, a significant amount of sodium can be removed. Thebenefit of this is that it makes cottage cheese extremely recommendable forpeople suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases. It is alsobeneficial for those who seek to exclude additives from their diet, sincecottage cheese bears none.

Other benefits include high protein levels, since a single servingof this cheese contains 15 grams of protein in the form of casein, and it iseasy to digest. This helps you remain satiated for longer periods of time. Thehigh levels of protein and casein make it also one of the best sources ofprotein of non-meat origin. High calcium level and low level of carbohydratesare also benefits. As we all know, calcium is one of the most essentialminerals for our bone growth and bone strength. One serving of cottage cheesecontains 70 g of calcium and only 3-6 g of carbohydrates. Thus, it cansupplement your daily calcium needs and help in prevention of bone disease. Asfor the carbohydrates, in some cases content is increased in order tostrengthen overall health, in others it is safe for people who are intofitness. Cottage cheese is low in sodium, which makes it a healthy dietaryintake for those who suffer from high blood pressure and heart diseases. It isalso low in fat and, having in mind that the standard quality cottage cheesehas only 4-6 g of fat, it is most beneficial for health conscious people.

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