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Cottage cheese is a perfect food for those who cannot stay off dairy products but are, at the same time, health-conscious and concerned about their weight.

What is cottage cheese?

Pretty much everyone knows what cottage cheese looks and tastes like, but not many people know how it is made. The term “cottage cheese” was coined because it was used to be made mostly at farm cottages and at home, using the milk that was left over after making butter. The first types of cottage cheese were supposedly made in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Cottage cheese can be made from milk of different levels of fat. However, today it is mostly non-fat or low-fat milk. Cottage cheese is produced by draining the milk and separating the whey and the loose curd. This product can be further processed, obtaining varieties such as hoop cheese, queso blanco, farmer cheese and pot cheese.

Cottage cheese goes great with fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, sandwiches, crackers, toast, meat and other foods.

Health benefits of cottage cheese

One of the major benefits of cottage cheese is its high content of protein and calcium. Furthermore, since it is usually made from low-fat milk, this type of cheese is suitable for people who have high cholesterol. The whey from cottage cheese is usually rinsed or drained, which significantly reduces the amount of sodium. This is why cottage cheese is often recommended to people who suffer from hypertension and it prevents heart disease. Low sodium foods are also recommended for those who suffer from edema and water retention.

Cottage cheese has a high protein content. Actually, one serving contains as much as 15 grams of protein. The protein in this cheese comes in form of casein and it takes some time to digest. For this reason, cottage cheese keeps a person full for longer. Body builders, pregnant women and lacto-vegetarians often include cottage cheese in the diet because of all the protein it contains.

Another important nutrient in cottage cheese is calcium. One serving contains 70 grams of calcium and it satisfies the daily requirement of this essential mineral. Calcium, as everyone knows, is very important for proper bone and teeth development and it is necessary for the children.

Cottage cheese is a great food for dieters. It is low in carbohydrates and low in fat, and yet it satiates the appetite and keeps a person feeling full.

Cottage cheese makes a great side dish, it can be made into a tasty dip, used in cakes and desserts, or simply served with some fresh fruit like apples and grapes. Including this type of cheese in the daily diet is a great way to stay healthy and strong.

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