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Eggs are among the best sources of numerous different sortsof nutrients. Recently, people become a little cautious because eggs containplenty of cholesterol, fats and calories. That is why they go mostly for theegg whites because all the negative nutrients mentioned above are commonlycontained in the egg yolk. Egg yolk does contain more proteins, minerals and vitaminsthan the egg white, but it also contains much more cholesterol and fat. Eggwhite actually serves as a protection for the egg yolk and provides all thenutrients which are essential for its growth. It is an excellent source ofnutrients, it provides the precious energy and even prevents the occurrence ofseveral different types of cancer. Egg whites can be consumed on a regulardaily basis because they do not have that much harmful effects on the health ofa person as egg yolks do. One may consume whole eggs in moderate amounts,though. Many companies who produce bodybuilding supplements use the egg whitesfor their products because they are among the best sources of proteins. Eggwhites are recommended by many trainers, because they can enhance the fitnessof the human body.


Egg white is the bigger part of an egg, it is comprisedmostly of water and it is an excellent source of glucose, vitamins, fats andminerals. It contains more than 40 different types of proteins. It is veryhealthy because the amount of fats contained in it is commonly regarded asinsignificant.

Nutritional Data

The size of an egg determines the exact nutritional values,but it is pretty much safe to say that a large chicken egg white contains approximately20 calories, 5 grams of proteins, 60 milligrams of sodium and 0.3 grams ofcarbohydrates. It also contains smaller amounts of potassium, iron, magnesium,zinc, calcium, copper and phosphorus. Egg whites do not contain anycholesterol.

Cholesterol Reduction

Cholesterol is a cause for many concerns because it iscommonly associated with the problem of obesity. Whole eggs are jam packed withcholesterol, but the main source of both cholesterol and saturated fats is theegg yolk. Egg whites neutralize the effect of the cholesterol present in theyolk so it is safe to consume whole eggs in moderate quantities.

Side Effects

Side effects of egg whites may include high amounts ofsodium, abdominal gas and constipation.


Egg whites can be used for the preparation for numerousdifferent sorts of dishes.

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