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There are several workout types that could be applied andwhich one of those will be chosen depends on the practitioner. There are peoplewho prefer home workout and there are those who need a gym. Both are effectivebut there are some advantages that each one has. For example, home workout will savesome money and probably a lot of time, especially if there is no gym close tohome. Also, a practitioner can set a much better mood for exercising at homethan in a gym (choice of music, schedule etc). As for the gym, it contains moreworkout stations and devices, especially for muscle mass building. Also, thereare people with the same interest, and a good advice can always be heard.Additionally, some exercises, especially those that use big weights, needassistance, and that is easily found in a gym.


Home workout might be excellent for cardio workout. It doesnot require too much strength or any additional tools; all that is needed issome space, some time and a lot of enthusiasm. Cardio workout is excellent forthose people who are focusing on reducing weight. This is because exercisingcan be performed for a long time, thanks to low level of strength needed for the cardio workout and thanks to the presence of oxygen in the muscle contractionprocess. This happens because muscle contractions are slow in cardio workout,and that will prevent quick accumulation of lactic acid (by some theories, itis directly responsible for inducing exhaustion of the muscles).


As for the exercises used in cardio workout, there is running,swimming, aerobics exercise, generally all exercises that do not requireadditional weight. Of course, running would require a treadmill, but it canalso be done in one spot, with a bit less effect but still effective forwarming up. Also, elliptical trainer can be used at home and it might beeven more effective solution than a treadmill when it comes to burningcalories. As for some other forms, light push-ups should be performed. They aredone with propping the body on hands and knees, not feet. Only when this exercisebecomes easy, standard push-ups should be done. It is essential for cardioworkout to have a lot of repetitions in one set, since that will create the bestpossible results. Later on, when some strength is built, low weight dumbbells canand should be included in the training session.

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