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Exercising must be done each day because it is healthy, it will burn your fat, it will make you strong and beautiful. With the risk of sounding like some commercials, we will have to say that the physical activity is one of the best methods for reducing extra weight and also for reducing stress in life.

Weight reduction element is more or less logical, but what about stress? Stress is something that comes from job problems, relationship issues, lack of money (this is universal one) and other. Stress can cause discomfort and nervousness and that leads to some other problems. But, when exercising, stress simply goes away, or at least it is reduced to a much smaller amount. Many say that when you are exhausted after a high intensity workout, there is simply no energy for being stressed over anything. All that is left is thinking how to rest properly.

Types of workout

Depending of what our bodies need, we can divide workout into cardio type and strength type. Even though men are usually into strength and increasing muscle mass, it might be that cardio is much better for the overall health of the organism. High intensity cardio workouts will also make you strong, but without that bulked up effect. Also, it is said that this type of exercising is the greatest for eliminating the inner fat tissue, the one that is not in the skin, but surrounding the inner organs, which might be very dangerous, especially if one of those organs is heart.


What would be the most effective high intensity cardio workout? It certainly has to include running. That is an exercise that is recommendable for everyone (if there is no medical obstacle). It activates most of the muscles in torso, arms and legs, and is excellent for fat burning. When we say running, we do not think of jogging. The best thing would be to combine jogging and sprints, with as many sprints as possible. This change of rhythm additionally burns calories and is great for making the heart strong. Some would splash this running with occasional push ups and abs workout, just to make things more interesting. Also, swimming and cycling can be added here, as a perfect complement to running. Actually, there are sport competitions, triathlons, that are based on those physical activities. We can say that people who engage in this and similar physical activities have the best possible physical conditions and should not worry for their health.

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