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Fact about the diets

It is not the big news that most of the diets have losing the weight as their goal, but it is extremely important to be focused only on losing the harmful fat and not the basic nutrients, such as the water from the organism, for example. This is pointed out mainly because there are a lot of recommended instant dietary regimes, such as the fad and crash diets, which include the starvation, which inevitably leads to some quickly obtained results. And, besides being unhealthy, after these diets the lost pounds usually come back after some time since the organism isn’t able to be on such strict regime for a long time.Losing weight by losing the stored fat

So, the key to every successful diet is focusing on losing the fat and that can be achieved by combining the regular workouts with the carefully planned eating regime. That as well means that this kind of diet must be also focused on replenishing the organism with enough energy, and ‘’the fuel’’ for it would be the carbohydrates, which, of course, shouldn’t be consumed every day, but regularly. The consequence is that the body will no longer use the carbs for the energy, but it will start to decompose the accumulated fat for this purpose.

Additionally, in order to be different from the above mentioned harmful diets, this regime includes one hour per week during which the individual could eat literally anything. This is very beneficial for tricking the need for sugars and dealing with the psychological burden of restriction. Also, the technique of altering the low and high carb days will enhance the better absorption and decomposing the sugars, and in that way prevent the fat accumulation (and the low metabolic rate is another one shortcoming of the diets which are free of carbs).

However, it is very important to eat the non-complex carbs and to stay away from the highly processed food. That is, one must introduce more fruits and veggies, but the intake of the potatoes, corn, pasta, the brown type of rice and the bread from whole wheat, must be increased, since those are the sources of the beneficial carbohydrates. When it comes to the other sources of energy, the proteins and the non-saturated fats should be consumed, as they are also associated to the maintenance of the normal amount of the sugar in the blood.

So, for instance, the compulsory three meals in the low carb day could be based on cheddar cheese and the sauce made from the peanut butter, while the high carb day could be enriched with the additional potatoes, salad dressings, and the pasta based on the whole grain flour. As far as the meat is concerned, it is good to eat tuna with avocado (low carb) and the turkey with potatoes (high carb).

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