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Weight loss is definitely needed for people who suffer from obesity, no matter what the obesity level is. Obesity is a medical condition that might induce several other health problems and those problems could cause a lot of harm to the body. Those issues are regarding cardiovascular system mostly, and one of the most problematic situations is a heart attack. Still, even losing weight, though needed, might be problematic and pose some risk for the organism. What health risks are posed by a rapid weight loss?

Fast diets

Fast diets offer losing lots of extra pounds in a relatively short time. Most of people can have great results with these diets, but there are certain things that should be known about this type of diets. First of all, they are based on cutting down one of the nutrients drastically and in most cases, those are either carbs or fats, or both. Theoretically, this might be the best possible thing to do when it comes to losing weight. The reason why usually carbs and fats are taken out of a diet is because they are sources of energy. So, without the energy intake, the body must take energy from some other sources and that is excessive fat tissue.

The thing is that the body does not know that people reduce the intake of food intentionally. When the input of energy is reduced, the body thinks that lack of certain nutrients is endangering the system and therefore, it saves the fat tissue instead of using it. Another problem is that the energy has to come from somewhere and in most cases it comes from muscle tissue, from proteins. Reducing muscle mass is something that is not needed, and in the end, a person will lose weight, but that will mostly be muscle tissue, not fat.Nutrients

The thing about nutrient is that they have to be included in the menu. This is not only because of energy needed, but because of vitamins and minerals that are taken with food. Lack of these elements might be shown through the hair loss, for example, and also, through the decreased levels of immune strength. Fast diets might eliminate a lot of weight, fat or muscles, but there is also a problem that might occur when the diet is over. Lost pounds may return easily if a person is not careful. This is because people might not change bad eating habits so easily. Defeating bad habits is the most important thing in a dieting process.

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