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Increased weight is a problem that many have to deal with lately; it is something that, if not eliminated in time, can seriously affect the health of a person after some period. Why is fat so dangerous? Well, the truth about fat and health is a bit different from the what most of people have in mind.


Fat is something our organism definitely needs. It is one of the layers in skin tissue and it is also found in the walls of the inner organs. It can also accumulate in the walls of blood vessels, which can potentially be very harmful. When eating, fats have to be present, less than carbohydrates, but also less or as much as proteins, depending on a type of the diet used.

There are several types of fats that are present in the organism and the food we eat. There are essential and non-essential fatty acids. Essential cannot be created in the organism and therefore, they have to be taken by food (some of them can be found in fish, for example). There are also saturated and non-saturated fats. The first type comes from meat and food with high fat percentage of fat (high fat milk and other dairy products), while the second is much healthier and should be used more, since it comes from vegetables (olive oil, for example). Even though the second type is much healthier, it also contains a lot of calories, so some caution is necessary. These non-saturated fats reduce the value of so-called bad cholesterol, while the intake of saturated fat increases it.

Fat elimination

When it comes to fat elimination, it has to be known that everything has to be done gradually, slowly and healthy. Our organism is a living being, so any sudden disturbance will not be beneficial for the body. Also, fat tissue reduction will not start by simply reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates (calories in general) via food. Most of the diets usually reduce the intake of carbohydrates, which reduces the sources of energy. This energy is needed for all cells, more precisely, for maintenance and performing their functions. Since there are no energy sources, energy has to come from somewhere. In the best case scenario, it does come from fat tissue, but more than often, the body tries to save that fat tissue, because it does not recognize intentional dieting. Instead, it sees it as starvation mode, so defensive mechanism turns on, which is when the muscle tissue is reduced for getting that energy. This has to be avoided and therefore, a healthy and balanced diet must be used, the one that will have all the needed nutrients in somewhat reduced amount, or perhaps physical activity can be performed, which will result in the same thing.

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