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All those who suffer from obesity want only one thing – to befit again. The problem is in the fact that being fit is sometimes much more difficult to achievethan simply losing weight. What does this mean? Reducing weight sometimes means that besides fat, other tissues will be reduced, including muscles and water. Thistells us that many diets offer weight reduction, but it is questionable whetherthat weight is only fat or something else.


Lose fat or lose weight – the dark truths about weight lossare based on fact that most of diets offer weight loss, but not fat loss only.This is why many experts do not recommend dieting as a method for reducingfat tissue. First of all, cutting down calories is something that will put theorganism into alert state. This means that the organism in those moments willtry to save fat and not burn it. This happens because the organism does not knowthat the lack of calories gained from carbohydrates is intentional so it triesto save what it can. In this situation, the body burns what is available at themoment, and that is muscle tissue.

Extreme diets are based on cutting down carbs to minimum andlack of energy is compensated through all tissues, fat and muscle. Because ofthe strict rules, a lot of pounds will be eliminated in the matter of days andweeks. But there is also the so-called yo-yo effect. Since lost pounds are notentirely from fat, but from water and muscles too, once a diet is over, aperson should continue with another form of dieting, based on healthy eating.If this does not happen, water is back, muscles too, and in no time, the weightgoes back right to the start. In these moments, people become disappointed andgive up from fat reduction all along.


Increasing physical activity will help from weight and fatloss, but only if cardio workout is done, or something similar. Cardioexercising is based on using low level of strength, which makes a person exercisefor a long time (jogging, for example). Jogging and other similar exercises areactivating many muscles in the body and that burns fat in most of the areaswhere it is accumulated. Building muscle mass will also consume energy but italso increases number of muscle cells and fibers and that will increase theweight. Actually, the same volume of fat tissue is lighter than muscle tissue, sofor weight and fat loss, cardio workout is more recommended.

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