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Burning foot

Burning feet are a thing that happens a lot and it is very common. There are plenty of conditions which can cause burning feet, some of which are minor and not a big problem while others can be severe and must not be taken lightly. This problem is a real inconvenience because a person can have problems with sleeping since the pain can awake him or her from sleep. People who are older than 50 years are usually the ones that end up with burning feet but there are cases of younger people ending up with this disorder. In addition to this, people suffering from diabetes have an even greater chance of getting burning feet.

Before starting a treatment a person needs to know what caused it in the first place. A person is advised to talk to a podiatrist, rheumatologist or a neurologist. If it is a mechanical overload then no further tests will be needed but if it is not, they are necessary. If things like fungal infection, nerve entrapment or sweaty feet caused burning feet then a person need not worry because they can be treated as well. Medications that relieve the pain are almost always included in the process of recovery.

The other name for burning feet is Gopalan's syndrome. Since the burning sensation is much more intense during the night a person should be prepared for several sleepless nights. However, there are several remedies which are pretty simple to use and they will help with the problem.

Burning feet remedies

The first thing a person should know is that exercising does not need to be ceased because of the burning feet. Doctors even encourage people to go on because when they do exercise the circulation of blood in the body will be improved. Good circulation helps in treating the burning feet.

Another thing which is very important is to keep the feet dry. If a person's feet are not kept dry he or she is exposing them to further damage. In addition to this, a person should wear specific shoes which absorb the sweat properly. Cotton socks should be the only type of socks a person wears during the burning feet problem.

When a person is suffering from burning feet he or she should lay off the alcohol and cigarettes.

Vegetables rich in vitamin B should be consumed more often.

A person should massage the feet with ointments which improve the circulation.

Another thing which may help is if a person soaks his or her feet in cool water daily.

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