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Burning feet

Burning feet is the characterized bya feeling that your feet are extremely hot, and the intensity of burning canvary. However, the hotness of the feet can cause pain, which might disturb yourresting hours. This condition may appear due to different reasons, likeathlete’s foot, tiredness of feet, problems with nerves, intoxication anddiabetes, and if you want the uncomfortable sensation in the feet to goaway, you must visit a doctor, in order to solve these problems first.

Problems with shoes and socks

If you have no underlying medicalissues that may cause this problem, then you might want to change your shoes orsocks and maybe the product that you use for washing your socks. The fabric ofwhich shoes and socks are made of is very important. Leather shoes can causeproblems like this, so replace them with shoes made of mesh. Also, socks madeof wool and cotton can cause this problem, especially if you walk a lot, so itis better to purchase socks made of synthetic fibbers like cool-max.

Athlete’s foot

If you have athlete’s foot, theunpleasant sensation will be located strictly on the affected place, whereredness, irritation and itchiness will appear as well. You must maintainfeet hygiene regularly and wear different shoes, so that the moist from themcould disappear when you are not wearing them. This is the best way to solvethis problem, but you can also use medical products, which are helpful forhealing this condition.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy affects thenerves in your feet and is usually a result of diabetes. If you have disturbingsensations in your feet, you should visit a doctor, especially if you haven’tvisited him for a long time. There are different medical reasons that can causeperipheral neuropathy, such as HIV infection, alcoholism, lack of vitamin B12,problems with circulation, and exposure to toxic metals.

How to help yourself

In order to solve this problem,you should walk every day or massage your feet, because it will make yourcirculation better. When you are done with the walk, get in to differentfootwear and socks. You could also use cold water to calm your feet. If you arein pain, use mild painkillers. Seek for medical help and do not hesitate toexplain to your doctor every detail about your sensations in any part of yourbody. Only with your detail explanation of the symptoms, he will be able tohelp you.

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