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Cold Feet

Many people experience cold feet during any part of the day. Cold feet are usually caused by the poor blood circulation in the legs due to the narrowing of the arteries. Smokers and older people have higher tendencies to have cold feet. The sensation of chilliness could get worse during the night since the body is not moving and the body circulation is lowered. Some of the symptoms that indicate the cold feet are numbness of feet, tenderness in the feet, burning sensation, cramps in the calves, etc.

Causes of Cold Feet

Some people have cold feet all their life. This condition is not really a condition you should worry about. However, there are some of the causes that can trigger the symptoms of cold feet and they include frostbite, Raynaud`s phenomenon, and peripheral vascular disease (PVD). If your legs are exposed to very low temperatures for a longer period of time, it can cause really poor blood circulation in your leg, which leads to the freezing of the skin of your legs. This condition is known as frostbite and it can be very dangerous if not treated on time. Blisters could be formed on the skin that can become black or purple in color as a result of it. Raynaud`s phenomenon is usually triggered by spasms that partially block the blood vessel and affect the reduced amount of blood to the tissues. In most cases, it affects hands and feet and makes them become white or blue in color. Once the blood vessel is cleared and opened, blood can normally get through it and spasms disappear. Peripheral vascular disease is a medical condition that also affects poor blood circulation. It actually reduces the supply of blood to the limbs and has an effect to the blood vessels that are close to the brain or heart. It is usually connected to the diabetes or atherosclerosis. Iron deficiency, anxiety disorder or damage in the nerves of the feet can also cause the cold feet.

Treatment for Cold Feet

For every symptom of cold feet there is a certain solution. Cold feet can cause various symptoms and that is why you need to pay attention to them if you are having cold feet. You may need to wear warmer clothes in order to improve your blood circulation that causes your cold feet, and sometimes you would even have to wear socks during the night. Various medications can be prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of cold feet. In some cases, when arteries are badly blocked, there is no other solution but surgery. If anemia is the reason of your cold feet, then you need to take more vitamin C and iron. Exercising can help you in improving the function of your blood vessels. People who have cold feet should avoid drinking coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks, while smokers should definitely think about quitting smoking.

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