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Characteristics of Smelly Feet

Although the title fairly speaks foritself, smelly feet is a condition of emitting extremely unpleasantodors once you take off your shoes. This condition makes one find himor herself in many awkward situations, causing others to feeluncomfortable as well as the bearer of the smell feels. Moreover,even though some people have smelling feet regardless of theirefforts to achieve the opposite, people often connect this “trait”with poor hygiene and tend to avoid people whose feet odor preventsthem from functioning properly.

The source of this problem lies in thebacteria which often live inside our shoes. They prefer dark andmoist places, which footwear actually is. Subsequently, once youstart wearing your shoes, you start producing sweat from numerousglands located on the soles of your feet. Bacteria consume the sweat,causing the awful smell in return. Therefore, now you know the cause,you may want to know how to effectively get rid of it and revitalizeyour social life.

How to Stop Smelly Feet From Smelling?

First and foremost, proper hygiene iscrucial. Thus make sure your wash your feet regularly and thoroughly using an antibacterial soap. Alternatively, you may want to dip yourfeet in a water and salt solution known to be an excellent antisepticas well. Also, you may use your armpit deodorant on your feet, orapply numerous antibacterial powders which remove feet smell.

Secondly, make sure you wear socks madefrom natural fibers, allowing your feet to breathe, thus reducing thesweat production. The same goes out for your footwear. Namely, chooseshoes which allow your feet air circulation. As for your sneakers,make sure you wash them often and thus ensure they are clean.

Finally, do not eat any food which hasa specifically strong flavor. What causes your breath to smell willcause your feet to smell too. Also, stressing causes sweating. Thus,stay calm and enjoy your odorless feet.

Other Remedies

One of the best cures for feet odor isbaking soda. Namely, combine it with sage leaves and sprinkle it inyour shoe every time you take it off for the night. This solutionwill remove unpleasant smells, replacing them with pleasant ones.Before wearing the shoe again, remove the mixture.

Two tablespoons of baking soda in yourbath water presents and additional cure for smelly feet. Therefore,feel free to benefit from it. You may soak your feet in a black teabath made from five or more bags of this tea. Finally, vinegar footwashes may help, as well as radish or ginger juices rubbed into thefeet.

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