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Itchy blisters on the feet

Blisters are little lofty structures on a person's skin and they are filled with body fluids. Blisters are not a pretty sight and can cause significant itchiness on the skin. It is normal for them to appear on the hands or feet, but there are also cases when they appear in the mouth.

Causes of Itchy Blisters on Feet

If a person hurts the capillaries in any way, he or she will provoke the itchy blisters to appear. This goes for an infection that hurts the capillaries as well. A thing like this may happen for a couple of reasons.

Improper footwear

Tight fitting shoes and socks are the usual reasons because of which the blisters appear. Wearing tight shoes will make extra pressure on the foot. Because of this, there will not be enough circulation of the air. Blisters appear on the feet of those who wear this kind of footwear for a longer period of time. This is not the only problem because the skin condition will worsen if a person continues to wear the footwear that is not good for his or her feet.

Athlete's foot

Fungal infection will cause blisters in this case. Usually, the skin between the two toes is affected the most but it is not uncommon for the infection to spread. Sometimes, the whole foot becomes red and in that case the discomfort is the biggest.

Allergic reactions

Side effect of some painkillers is skin rash on hands and feet. Such a rash will make the skin look totally different and it is then in a category of blisters. Skin may even look puffy and bumpy. This is caused by an improper usage of medications.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating chokes the sweat ducts thus the skin rash appears. These sweat ducts break away and release the sweat into the inner layers of the skin. Since the sweat is under the skin it results in skin losing its texture. After that, itchy blisters appear.

Treatment Usually there is no need for a person to seek any sort of medical treatment because a skin infection such as this one will go away on its own. Natural healing process of the human body will manage it on its own. Then again, in cases where blisters appear because of severe skin infections, proper treatment should be taken. In order to make blisters disappear faster, a person can massage the blisters with alcohol or mild soap. That will lessen the pain as well. In cases where pain from blisters becomes too intense, a person should go see a doctor.

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