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Chilblains, or perniosis, is a medical condition, which is a result of an abnormal skin reaction to cold weather and rapid temperature changes, usually from cold to hot, and usually when a person who has been outside in the cold, and whose feet got very cold, puts them next to a source of heat when inside. What happens in our body after exposing to cold is that the small blood vessels in our skin are not able to respond so quickly to the temperature change, and it results in chilblains. All the reasons why chilblains appear are still not very clear, but it is known that it is an unpleasant condition, related to skin and usually to feet, and that some of the factors that might contribute this condition are poor circulation, anemia, hormonal changes, and bone marrow disorders. It is important to notice that when it comes to chilblains, people more predisposed to this illness are those with familial tendency for such condition, or people living in damp conditions and where the climate is humid.

This condition does not necessarily require special medical treatment, because after a week or two, they gradually disappear. But there are a number of lotions and crèmes which might be of help in relieving the pain or itching. Once chilblains occur, no matter what kind of a treatment one might choose, it is important to know a few things which should not be done. Among them are also rubbing and scratching of chilblains, and direct exposure to any source of heat. On the other side, some of the things which might be helpful are warming of feet and wearing woolen socks, exercising in order to stimulate the circulation, as well as rubbing lanolin or some other lotion into the feet for the same purpose, and using antiseptics to prevent the infection of chilblains.

When it comes to homeopathy, this branch of alternative medicine surely has to offer some of the remedies, which will help with this condition. Just like with any other condition, the symptoms should be carefully considered because the choice of the right remedy depends a lot on that.

One of the most frequently used homeopathic remedies is definitely Aguarius Muscarius, and it is suggested in the great majority of the situations related to this condition, but the main symptoms are swelling and red, itching and burning chilblains. Borax is used with the extreme dryness of skin which has tendency to develop whitish pimples with red areola. Heper sulph turned out to be very helpful with the skin which has tendency to develop very deep cracks with chilblains. Petroleum is used for the infected chilblains, located either on feet and toes, or on hands. Pulsatilla is also a helpful remedy, suggested for inflamed and itching chilblains.

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