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It is very easy for the skin of the feet to become dry and cracked. Feet work very hard and easily develop rough areas and calluses, and, in addition, they do not contain a lot of sebaceous glands, which means they get less natural lubrication than other parts of the body.

Without proper care and attention, feet will easily become dry and rough. If the problem is not treated soon, the dry and rough skin will become thick and hard and will eventually develop cracks. These cracks can sometimes be very deep and they are certainly very painful.

Dry, cracked feet are not only cosmetic problem. If the cracks start bleeding, it means that there is an opening through which various microorganisms can enter and cause infections.

With proper care and with tips on how to fix cracked and dry feet, they can become soft and subtle again.

How to fix dry and cracked feet

If the feet are very dry and already cracked, simply applying moisturizers will not help a lot. Thick layers of dead skin must first be removed so the skin underneath them can regenerate.

In order to remove the skin, the feet should first be soaked in a plastic tub, in warm or hot water with some mineral oil added to it. After soaking the feet for 15 to 20 minutes, the skin should be thoroughly dried. Then a pumice stone or a very rough loofah are used to rub the dead skin layers off the feet. The next step is to generously apply a moisturizing lotion, preferably one designed for dry skin of the feet, and to put on cotton socks. This is best if done in the evening, before bedtime. This routine should be repeated every night until the feet are soft and smooth again.

Skin of the feet easily develops rough patches, especially if wearing uncomfortable shoes, sandals and flip flops. Going barefoot is also a significant factor that aggravates the dryness of the skin. In order to prevent dryness, rough and cracked skin, the routine explained above should be repeated at least once a week.

In addition, feet should be thoroughly moisturized on daily basis. It is best to avoid sandals and other types of open shoes in dirty, dusty environment. Socks should be made of natural materials, such as cotton, which allows the skin to breathe.

There is also a very effective home remedy that helps with very dry and cracked feet. It combines 10 drops of evening primrose oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, one spoon of beeswax, one spoon of lanolin, one spoon of avocado oil one teaspoon of vitamin A and one quarter of a cup of extra virgin olive oil. All the ingredients except for the essential oils should be melted and mixed together over medium heat. Essential oils should be added before the mixture becomes solid. This remedy should be kept in the refrigerator and applied to cracked feet every night before bedtime.

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