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There are not a lot of people who have never heard of dry feet. People should know that there is no one cause that leads to this condition, but quite a few of them. These causes can be both internal and external. Some of the most common ones are skin infections, age and improper footwear. A shoe that does not fit as it should is a potential cause as well.

Dry feet and pain

It is not uncommon for people who suffer from dry feet to be embarrassed by the condition. However, people should know that this condition is not only affecting the look of the leg but it can also cause pain in some situations. The pain is always present when the cracks start to bleed. Apart from the pain a person will experience, an infection can occur as well. People should also be aware of the fact that some causes occur more often than others.

Causes of dry feet conditions

Improper footwear is considered to be one of the most common causes of this condition. Apart from dry feet, improper footwear also causes dry heels. This is one of the reasons why people should wear footwear that fits properly. The shoe should also support the feet. The material of the footwear also affects the occurrence of the condition.

Age is another cause of the dry feet condition. As people get older, the skin loses the suppleness and is more prone to changing environment and temperatures. People need to take care of their feet as soon as the skin starts to lose its elasticity.

Athlete's foot and other causes

Almost every person has heard of a certain fungal infection called athlete’s foot. A person with this infection will experience flaky and scaly skin on the foot. A severe athlete’s foot is accompanied by blisters which usually burst and cause pain. Every person can be affected by this fungal infection.

Apart from these causes, there are some others that occur often like psoriasis, certain diseases and even bathing.

Dry foot care

People need not worry too much since there are plenty of treatments for this condition. Using therapeutic foot creams and ointments will restore the natural hydration balance of the feet. People should also know that there are ways they can prevent dry feet from occurring. A person can get rid of the dead flakes by using pumice or sand stone. After removing it, a person should apply the best dry foot cream there is. After that, a person should wear socks in order for the cream to absorb.

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