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Burning feet are a common complaint and they can be caused by numerous conditions and ailments and they are actually a syndrome which means that their symptoms may be the outcome of different causes. The condition is especially severe during the night and it causes so many people to lose sleep. Nerve damage associated with diabetes can commonly be affiliated with burning feet as well.

The condition can be local and mild which means that it can be treated very easily but it can also be an indicator of some serious underlying medical condition. Burning feet are sometimes referred to as Grierson-Gopalan syndrome. The most common symptoms of the condition are hyperesthesia, elevated skin temperature, aching of the feet, severe burning of the feet, excessive sweating, and vasomotor changes of the feet. It may cause further ocular complications such as amblyopia and scotoma.


Burning feet are usually caused by mechanical overload especially when the feet were exposed to extra wear and tear throughout the day. Hot and sweaty feet may be related to the aforementioned condition and can be the cause of the burning sensation. Diabetes causes neuropathy which may also be the trigger of the burning sensation in the feet.

Other types of nerve damage associated with vitamin B deficiency, chronic alcoholism and heavy metal poisoning can also be the cause of burning feet. Some blood disorders and circulatory disorders may also lead to burning sensations in the feet. Complex regional pain syndrome can also be the cause of burning sensations in the feet. Nerve entrapments usually involve nerve compression located at the inside part of the ankle joint and they also may trigger burning sensations in the feet. Other causes of burning sensations in the feet may include Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, fungal infections and athletes foot, sensitivity to chemical substances, nerve entrapment and arthritis.

Burning usually occurs at the soles but it may sometimes ascend to the top ankles. The symptoms of the condition usually get worse during the night. Most patients have normal blood vessels while some may experience erythema and local tenderness. One must check with doctor if the burning feet are associated with some underlying medical condition. The treatment requires comfortable shoes, soaking the feet in cold water and avoidance of excessive heat exposure. One should ingest vitamin B supplements because they are very efficient in reducing the burning sensation. Sometimes the treatment may require arch supports, orthotics and pain relief medication.

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