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A lot of people have certain skin problems and suffer from various skin disorders and conditions. One such condition is peeling feet. Peeling feet occurs quite often and in most cases people are not even aware that they have peeling feet. The main reason why that is so is because peeling feet is a continuous process. Not a lot of people know that the three layers of the skin change every 28 days or so. At that time, the old layer will be replaced with a new one. Every person experiences this, not just the elderly people. Even children experience peeling feet. There is no need to worry since it does not cause pain and it is a constant process. However, people need to pay more attention when the skin peels more often and they start to experience discomfort and even pain. Apart from peeling feet, peeling hands is the place where the skin peels the most because people use hands and feet the most.

Peeling feet causes

People should know that there are a couple of factors that lead to peeling feet. These factors require certain treatments. There are certain conditions that also lead to peeling feet.For instance, too much sweating and perspiration is known to cause friction of the skin which will lead to the peeling of feet, hands and some other areas as well. A skin is bound to peel more often if it is exposed to the sun a lot. Certain viral infections are known by peeling feet or other skin surfaces as one of their main symptoms. Allergies are known to cause peeling skin as well. Certain skin disorder like athlete’s foot also cause peeling feet. Extreme cold weather leads to peeling feet most often. A person can end up with peeling feet after taking certain medications since it is one of the side effects.

Peeling feet remedies

Apple cider vinegar and warm water are what most people will recommend for the getting rid of peeling feet. A person should soak his or her feet in this mixture at least twice per day.

A massage using heated oils helps as well. Some of the best oils for this purpose are castor, olive, coconut and tea tree oil. A person should massage the feet with one of these oils and cover them with cotton socks. This should be done before going to bed and washed off in the morning. This should be done for about two weeks.

A person with peeling feet can also use certain herbal products like honey and aloe vera in order to treat peeling feet.

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