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Causes of swollen feet

When feet are swollen, it can cause many problems for people in their everyday activities. Swollen feet can make it hard to stand and walk, which can negatively affect everyone’s daily routine.

It is a very common problem, which affects a large number of people, and it is usually caused by the presence of an excess of fluids in the muscles that make up the feet.

It should be noted that this condition is not a disease, and it is usually not painful, but very uncomfortable.

Swollen feet can be very bothersome and lead to a serious amount of discomfort, especially for people who lead very active lifestyles.

The people who do have this problem are usually those who live very active lives and are on their feet all day, especially people who work while standing and people who workout and run or walk a lot during the day.

It is also a very common occurrence during pregnancy. Swollen feet can sometimes be caused by wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes. Another common cause of swollen feet is when there is not enough blood getting to the extremities. The condition can also be caused by an injury or accident and even by various allergic reactions.

Sometimes, people who are overweight can also experience swollen feet. Women can see their feet begin to swell in some instances when they are experiencing menstruation.

Another common cause of swollen feet is a blood clot or blockage of the lymph nodes in the leg.


A good thing to do in order to reduce swelling of the feet is to massage them with coconut or another type of soothing oil. Massaging is an efficient way to decrease the excess fluids that are present in the foot muscles.

Consuming a lot of water will also help to get the swelling down by flushing out the toxins that are causing the swelling.

When massaging the feet, it is also a good idea to rub them down with an ice pack for 10 minutes or so.

If a person is wearing socks, then they must make sure that they fit well and that they enable and promote the circulation of blood to the feet.

It is also a good idea to keep one’s consumption of salty foods to a minimum.

Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided, because they tend to encourage water retention. When the person is sleeping, it is also a very good idea to keep the feet elevated as much as possible by putting pillows under the feet.

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