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There are a lot of people who suffer from peeling feet. In many cases, people do not know why that is so and wonder what the reasons are. However, before what causes feet to peel, people should first inform more on the structural composition of the skin. The skin is made of three basic layers. These layers are epidermis which is the outer layer, hypodermis which is the inner layer and dermis, the middle layer. Every one of these layers has a role to play. People should know that every couple of days the outer layer of the skin exfoliates. That means that the skin is literally removed from the surface. Factors like friction and hydration influence the exfoliation of the skin. However, in some cases there is an underlying condition that causes the skin to peel. The most common condition is the one called athlete’s foot. People should know that skin exfoliation is not a permanent condition but it requires proper skin care.

Burning peeling feet

In many cases a person who experiences peeling feet will experience burning sensation as well. In most cases this happens because of the dry skin. However, a lack of certain nutrients can also cause peeling skin. A person will suffer from the burning sensation mainly because the process of skin exfoliation will happen a lot faster than it is supposed to. Other factors like excessive pressure or exposure of the skin to extreme temperature can also contribute to the showing up of burning sensation on the feet. Sunburn and skin infection are also known to cause a burning sensation.

Itchy peeling feet

There are several skin disorders which cause peeling skin. Some of the most common are scarlet fever, Kawasaki disease, erythroderma, eczema and psoriasis. All of these disorders occur because of a fungal infection.

A condition called toxic epidermal necrolysis is known to cause peeling feet as well. A person who suffers from this condition will have blisters all over the body. When the blisters burst, the skin will peel.

An allergic reaction and certain environmental reasons can also cause peeling feet. For instance, the skin will peel in extremely cold weather.

Peeling feet remedies

A person who suffers from peeling feet should know that there is no reason to worry too much. The only time people should worry about peeling feet is when there is an underlying cause. A person can apply apple cider vinegar and water and get rid of peeling feet. This should be done two times per day. Using diaper rash ointment helps as well. People should also make sure to wear socks and shoes only when their feet are entirely dry.

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