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Burning feet are very common problem and it can be caused by many health conditions. This condition is common with 50+ years old people, but can occur with younger people as well. Also, it can develop with diabetics and people with neuropathy. Some conditions can be local and minor, and some can be more serious, but problem with burning feet is not that innocent, and can cause insomnia, and a continuous pain.

Burning feet can be mild and local and easily treatable or are to indicate a serious general medical problem, which needs treatment. The usual causes of burning feet are:

1) - Burning feet can be triggered by neuropathy with in diabetic people.

2) – There are different types of nerve damage that can create a burning foot, but there are some that occur in B vitamin deficiencies, chronic alcoholism, heavy metal poisoning etc.

3) – Feet can ache and burn at the end of a long walk or tiring day, due to some overweight.

4) – Burning feet are also caused by blood disorders such as thrombocytopenia, pernicious anemia.

5) – In addition, hot and sweaty feet bring up burning feet and are related to some mechanical overload.

6) – A rare circulatory disorder Erythromelalgia also makes burning feet.

7) - A burning foot sensation can be caused by reflex sympathetic dystrophy or so called complex regional pain syndrome.

8) - It can be provoked by sensitivity to chemical substances packed up in socks and shoes and cause dermatitis.

9) – There are other specific problems that can create a localized burning sensation. In case of forefoot, metatarsalgia, Morton\'s neuroma or a fungal infection can create sensation of burning feet.

10) - A nerve entrapments- the compression of a nerve at the inside of the ankle joint causes a burning sensation.


First important thing to be done, when burning feet is the case, is to check if the serious conditions are the cause. Once the right cause is given, there are list of suggestions that you can follow:

a) use a cooling properties of some creams or ointments.

b) it is mechanical cause, and good sporty shoes will do the trick.

c) if the feet are hot and sweaty, there are different self treatments for their condition.

d) the use of magnets can bring up some relief.

e) a cold water bath

f) socks made of cotton can do the trick.

g) no prolonged periods of standing

h) use a shock absorbing insoles

It is not rare to advice taking vitamin B12 in order to sort out burning feet. But neuropathy that is related to deficiency of vitamin B12 is very rare and treatable by a medical doctor.

Burning Feet Treatment

To treat burning feet it is necessary to determine cause and for that the consultation with a Podiatrist, rheumatologist or a neurologist is important. And then there are wide ranges of tests to determine the cause. A simple mechanical overload is the least problem. The chronic causes of burning feet may need a pain relief medication

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