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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from stinky feet. These people know that this problem is not dangerous but it is extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable. Most of these people think that there is no cure for this problem and that they have to live with it. However, these people are wrong since there are ways a person can get rid of stinky feet. There are lots of various remedies that will aid people with this problem.

The causes of stinky feet

Most people with this problem have had it since childhood. People need to know that the main reason why they have stinky feet is bacteria. Just like many other bodily organs, feet also perspire. Not a lot of people know that sweat is odorless and that the bacteria that live in the crevices are the one that causes the foul smell. The main reason why there are so many bacteria on the feet is because most of the time feet are in sock or shoes and are usually damp. Most of the bacteria are present on the surface of the feet. Apart from these causes, there are some other that does not occur that often like too much stress and side effects due to consumption of certain drugs.

Stinky feet solutions

People need to know that not all cures are expensive and that some are easily made and quite simple to use.

Anti-bacterial soap is probably the most common cure that the doctors will prescribe. A person simply needs to use the anti-bacterial soap regularly in order to get rid of the bacteria. There are lots of these soaps so a person can choose.

Another cause of stinky feet is deficiency of a certain mineral-zinc. A person who has stinky feet due to this cause just needs to add more zinc to his or her diet. According to the doctors, every person needs 50mg of zinc every day. Peas, dairy products, shellfish, lima beans, ginger root and read meat are some of the foods that contain a lot of zinc.

Wearing the tight socks can also treat stinky feet as well. It is important that a person wears cotton socks, because those made of polyester and nylon are likely to cause stinky feet. The difference is in how much moisture a fabric can absorb.

Tea is another way a person can get rid of stinky feet. People have used this remedy for a long time. Essential oils can be used as well.

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