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When it comes to food, it seems that people tend to lose some of the control easily. This is thanks to so many different food types that are not healthy but have a delicious taste and can be purchased or made for some relatively small amount of money. The problem with so-called junk food is that it increases the number of fat cells, causes obesity, that can induce several other medical problems, especially if obesity lasts for several years and decades. Those problems are diabetes, heart issues, decreased energy and libido etc.

Food types

The easiest way to create a healthy and balanced menu is with the help of pyramid chart. It represents usually three levels of food types that are divided by the amount of neutrition for the body. The first, base level is the widest one, with vegetables, fruits and grains. It is safe to say that these food types are really healthy and most of them do not contain many calories. This level is used a lot in many diets and should be used by all those who have problems with obesity. Next level contains most of meat, milk and dairy products, which is also healthy food but it contains higher amounts of fat, proteins, cholesterol etc. This means that this food must be taken moderately, but still a lot less than food from the level one. The third level is all about food that should be avoided.


When it comes to calories, people have to be careful, to not over eat high caloric foods . That is why it would be wise to create a weekly menu and keep to it as much as possible. There are many possible combinations and some can also include your favorite food types. One of the most common food is bread. When choosing bread, it is important to think of the nutrient value and the material used for making that bread. One of the healthiest brands is Ezekiel bread. What are Ezekiel bread nutrition facts?

One piece of this bread has 15 g of carbs, only 1 g of fats and about 4 g of proteins. There are also dietary fibers, sodium and potassium. All that creates a total value of 80 calories, which is not a lot at all. It is obvious that this bread has a lot of proteins and fibers, which are rarely present in other bread types.

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