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Where do people find motivation to lose weight? Weight reduction process is not an easy one; there are many obstacles on that road which requires time and effort to be surpassed, but most of all, mental strength must be at the highest possible level. This is why many experts claim that losing weight is a battle fought by the mind and not the body.
In order to keep the motivation as high as possible, a good plan must be made, a program that will eliminate the extra pounds but also keep a person both healthy and happy. Can that be done? Being healthy means that a diet needs to be healthy and balanced, but two major problems emerge while dieting. One is the amount of food taken and the other is type of food. In a diet, the amount of food allowed is usually decreased drastically, which is a problem for many. This can be solved by eating food that is low in calories and high in fiber. The other thing that should be done is to drink more water, since this is essential thing for eliminating hunger. Water will not harm the body in any way, but it will fill the stomach each time it is empty and subdue the desire fo
A good daily menu should include 5 smaller meals with vegetables, fruits, healthy meat (poultry or tuna) and also a bit of dairy products (low fat milk, cheese etc.). Actually, it can be said that a healthy diet is nothing more than normal eating without the use of junk food.
Energy value
A diet must complement the needs of a person that uses it. This means that, if possible, a diet should contain food that a person prefers. Sometimes, people simply get bored with tasteless and boring food, which decreases their motivation so they quit. Also, energy value of a diet should not be much less than the amount that a person is used to. This might create initial problem in accepting the diet, especially for cases of extreme obesity. Everything must happen gradually and this goes for exercising too. Physical activity must not be something too exerting in the beginning, because it might discourage the practitioner from continuing and that is not the goal.

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