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Losing weight is a specific process, which does not have toimply that a person has to eat less. When it comes to junk food, then it is adefinite yes – this type of food has to be eliminated from the menu. But whenit comes to food that naturally contains very low level of calories, then thiscan be eaten in large quantities. We are talking about fruits and vegetables, the food rich in vitamins and minerals, but still low in calories. So, what wouldbe the answer to the question – how to lose weight fast? Just eat more!


This means that there should be more than three regularmeals in a day. Five would be a minimum and more is welcomed. Of course, moremeals means that the amount of food should be slightly reduced, but not much, ifthe food is healthy. The point of constant eating is to keep the basalmetabolism always active and for that to happen, the energy has to be used, andthat energy will be taken from the excessive fat tissue through fat burningprocess. Keeping the digestive tract always in work will definitely spendcalories, which is the point of dieting. Of course, the essence is in thestructure of the meal. It is all about the ratio of nutrients, proteins, carbsand fats. In normal nutrition, carbs should be taken mostly, followed by proteins, while fats should be at minimum. When there is a need for dieting,this ration changes in favor of proteins, while carbs are reduced. If they arereduced too much, this might activate the defensive mechanisms in the organism, which will protect the fat tissue (the source of glucose) and start eliminating proteinsfrom muscles and excessive water, which is not a goal of a healthy diet.


To keep an organism healthy and still lose some weight,healthy food has to be eaten, the food with naturally low value of calories, which are mentioned fruits and veggies. But, to keep a diet in the realm ofhealthy and balanced, proteins and fats have to be present too. Proteins shouldcome from meat such as poultry and tuna fish, while fats should be from low fatdairy products. In order to create the best possible eating schedule, it isalways wise to consult a nutritionist. With the help from an expert, a gooddieting program will be created, the one that will not include drastic changesregarding the already present eating habits.

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