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Some experts would say that what we eat defines us. It might not be understandable at first, but it is true that this phrase can be used at least for physical condition. This is why it is important to eat healthy the entire life, at least if we want that life to have certain quality and longevity.

Nutrition problem

The challenge of good nutrition awaits all those who want to eat healthy and therefore, be healthy. When it comes to eating, it has to include at least 5 meals. Why so many? There should be three major meals and two snacks. Having snacks included in a daily menu will prevent hunger from emerging and it will also make a person easily withstand reduced amounts of food in major meals. Also, it is essential to eat roughly at the same time each day. This will help with hunger control, but also with easier activation of the metabolism processes. Reduced amounts of food will also help digesting tract to process that food more easily. There have to be sufficient quantities of all nutrients in a daily menu, which means that there must be enough of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Also, minerals and vitamins have to be present. Certain ratio of those nutrients has to be satisfied, meaning that carbohydrates should be a big part of each meal, with proteins on the second place and fats on the last spot.

As for food types that should be taken, a food pyramid might help here. It is a sort of food chart that explains which food types can be taken freely in large amounts, which types should be controlled and which food should be avoided completely. In short, vegetables and fruits may be taken freely as much as a person wants, fibers must be present too (because they ease the digestion process), meat is allowed but only healthy types (poultry and fish – tuna, for example). Milk and dairy products should be present but only to a certain level - the amounts that will satisfy the daily needs of calcium and other minerals gained from them.

Combination with exercising

It is also needed to include regular physical activity, which does not mean that there should be present intensive and physically exerting training sessions. Sometimes, a brisk walk for 30 minutes or so on a daily basis might be all that is needed to burn some calories, shape body a bit and regulate basal metabolism.

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