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Physical activity is very important and there are so manybenefits, almost countless, so we will mention only some: increased strength,enhanced immune system, digestive system, respiratory system, increased energy,increased libido, increased self-confidence, decreased fattissue, better blood circulation, regulation of sweating etc. Obviously, there are somany positive things that it is simply impossible to understand why actually mostof the people do not exercise and do not even think of creating a weeklyschedule that would include several training sessions.


But, in order to reach that mentioned state with all thosebenefits, a lot of hard work is needed. This means that positive effects willnot come after one or several training sessions; more time is needed. With thisin mind, we have to say that having a good exercising schedule might be themost important thing (well, after the effort that needs to be put out). Thereare several types of exercises and those are based on the use of oxygen in the musclecontraction process. If oxygen is used, we are talking about cardio workout,which is essential for elimination of extra weight. If the contraction is sofast that oxygen seems to be too slow, other type of workout is building muscle mass. Although, it does tire a person because of highintensity, this workout really induces the bulking up effect. Some experts saythat some sort of combination of the mentioned two workouts actuallycreates the best possible effect when it comes to overall physical state ofthe organism.

Cross training

This means that lifting weights can be combined with somelight jogging, even aerobics. Cross training is all about using the samemuscles in a different way. That will surely make the muscles even moreversatile and endurable. Also, there is another type of exercise that should beapplied and those are foam roller exercises. It is actually a type of exercisethat combines physical activity and a massage. There might be no better combinationthan this specific one, because it works the muscles up to a certain point and yetrelaxes them, getting them prepared for the next intensive training session. Allthat is needed is a foam roller and some small space. It is also great foreliminating the possibility of muscle spasms and cramps occurrence. Whatevertype of exercising is used, there is also another positive effect of theapplying of the physical activity and that is reducing stress, which is veryimportant, because stress is also an inducer of certain medical conditions.

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