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Cardio workout is one of the most effective methods forelimination of the excessive fat tissue. This is because it includes oxygen inthe muscle contraction process. Why is that important? Muscle contractionduring cardio workout is generally slow and does not require too much strength.With oxygen present, the accumulation of the lactic acid will be slowed down asmuch as possible. Since lactic acid is responsible for exhausting the muscles,it is obvious that it will not happen so fast in a cardio training session,while in resistance training, along with using high additional weights, lactic acidbuilds up quickly and allows only limited number of reps in a set.

Additional help

Cardio workout includes several exercises that are basic forthis type of physical activity. Running would be a number one, or atleast the use of a treadmill. This is an excellent exercise because it activatesalmost the entire body and all skeletal muscles are developed in this way.Again, without the bulking up effect, lean muscle is the product of cardioworkout. Entire legs, back muscles, even abdominal muscles are working outwhile running. For those who do not have much time for some serious training,home workout is essential and that is where treadmill kicks in.

Elliptic form

Lately, another device has found its place in the market. Itis called elliptical trainer and some experts claim that it is much better thanthe treadmill. What are elliptical machine benefits? Actually, the motion performedwith elliptical trainer is more similar to ski walking than to running. For somepeople, this is a much better option because of several things. First of all,there are more muscles involved in this exercises and therefore, more energy isneeded. Thus, more fat tissue will be eliminated. Arms are more involved withelliptical trainer than with treadmill. Actually, the entire torso should bemore active while practicing with the help of this device. Another thing, thefeet are always on the panels, without using ankles at all. This is an excellentthing because there are people who cannot exercise properly, if at all becauseof this problem. But with elliptical trainer, only knees and hips are activewhen it comes to parts below the waist.

People have to be careful when buying elliptical trainer orany other exercising device. The manual has to be read properly, and if possible, the mechanism within it must be as strong as possible in order to carry easilybig weights.

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