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Soda drinks are very popular and can be found in any corner of the world. People worldwide grow up along with their favorite soda drinks and every region and country have their own versions. There are many reasons why giving up these drinks is beneficial for health and well being especially if you are drinking too much of it. Some people even cut their other meals as a result of drinking liters of coke every day and that can be dangerous for the health.

Soda drinks are very high in calories and especially the unhealthy calories, so it can be very counterproductive to drink them if you are trying to watch or lose weight. For example one can of Coke contains 160 calories and if you multiply that by how many you drink each day you get a staggering amount of extra calories that you cannot possibly use for anything. Even diet drinks are bad for the weight as they actually encourage weight gaining and over consumption. The artificial sugars and sweeteners tend to confuse your body because it thinks it is getting sugar but actually isn't and therefore the cravings for actual sugar are larger and larger.

Another effect of drinking sodas is that they stain your teeth and destroy them faster than anything else. Their acidity harms the enamel and accumulates the corrosive effects over time. Sodas are also full of caffeine which is a diuretic so this means that by drinking it you are losing more water without replacing it. They can be an artificial stimulant for the brain, as caffeine is a psychoactive drug. It affects the mood, perception, consciousness and behavior by increasing the levels of adrenaline in the blood and setting off a chain reaction of anxiety, tension and changes in thoughts and emotions. Sodas actually affect the thinking processes and abilities and by cutting it off completely anyone can see the difference.

Too much caffeine can bring to sleep disorders of all kinds, from insomnia to having some sound sleep. As the caffeine prevents drowsiness its daily intake affects the sleep inducers in the body and make it hard for you to go into the much needed deep sleep. It takes quite some time for the caffeine to exit the system, so any sodas you drink in the afternoon will still affect you in the evening and prevent the body to have the necessary rest.

Sodas and their ingredients are harmful for the body in a way that they disrupt regular bodily processes and cycles for making it hard for the organism to maintain performance and adequate rest. It is highly advisable to cut down on the intake of sodas and to eventually give them up entirely.

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