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Soda is a substance originating from sodium and carbonate and can be found in different forms, some of which are meant for oral consumption, while others aren’t and they are likely to be a part of some chemicals. The kinds of soda that people can actually consume are carbonated water, baking soda and cooking soda. As for the other kind, it includes washing soda and caustic soda.

The beverages containing soda

Although soda has found its use in the kitchen as well, this substance is most popular as a component of various kinds of beverages. One of such is the already-mentioned carbonated water, or the so-called sparkling water.

The most popular kind of drinks that includes soda in its composition is a soft drink. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are pretty much the basics of such drinks, but different kinds of derivatives are being released all the time.

Finally, alcoholic drinks and cocktails use the substance that contains sodium and carbonate.

The effects of soda on one’s health

The words positive and soda usually don’t fit together. The negative side effects of consuming soda-based beverages have been emphasized in public for as long as anyone can remember. Unfortunately for the fans of soda beverages, there isn’t really any new kind of magical discovery that will shed a new light to this substance and the general health of beverages containing it. However, it is important to go into a bit of detail about its effects, because, even if it isn’t exactly the healthiest beverage in the world, it might just not be as bad as everyone is pointing it out to be.

First of all, all of the soda-based beverages contain both minerals and water. And, while these aren’t the kinds of elements that significantly improve one’s health, they are still far from being forbidden to consume, on the contrary. Both water and minerals are more than welcome in the body.

Secondly, the majority of the content of these drinks is water, even the soft drinks. It really depends on the particular soft drink in question how much of them is exactly water, but none of them have less than 90% of it. Also, the usual effects of water are not erased just because it’s mixed with soda, so these drinks can also bring the needed hydration to the body.

A soda is also the best thing to drink when experiencing acidity problems, and its sugar content provides energy to the body.

However, that does not erase the fact that excessive consumption of sodas brings damage to the teeth and has the potential of increasing blood sugar and damaging the heart. And that’s why, while it’s not necessary to not consume them at all, it is necessary to not exaggerate with doing so.

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