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Carbonated soft drinks

Almost every person is aware that soft drinks are only empty calories. The western world is already fighting with obesity and people who consume these soft drinks regularly will only contribute to that. People need to realize that soft drinks are bad for the health. However, people are not aware that by switching to diet drinks may even make the situation worse.

There was a survey in 2000 which claims that people in the United States spend over $60 billion on soft drinks and several more billions on fruit drinks. That means that an average American citizen drank 53 gallons of soft drinks that year. People in the North America drink more than 44% of soft drinks worldwide. Europe, for instance, consumes 31% of carbonated soft drinks.

Back in the 1950’s, a normal soft drink had 8 ounces of soda in it. Nowadays, a normal coke at McDonald’s contains 12 ounces of soda. A large coke contains 32 ounces of it. That is over 300 calories.

A lot of people are not aware that a 12 ounce can of soda contains 40 grams of refined sugar which is 8 tablespoons. According to the normal diet recommendation, people should not intake more than 40 grams of refined sugar in a single day. People should also know that a single can of 12 ounces contains about 150 calories which hold no nutritional value whatsoever. A person who is aware of this fact can easily realize how people intake more calories per day and how that leads to obesity.

According to certain researches, a person’s chances of becoming obese increase 1.6 times for each soft drink he or she consumes in one day. Apart from the sugar these soft drinks contain, they also have caffeine in them. A lot of people are already aware that caffeine is a slightly addictive substance.

Fruit drinks

A lot of people believe that fruit drinks marketed by the soft drink companies are a better choice. According to the advertisement, these fruit drinks are supposed to be made of fruit juices and valuable nutrients. However, they mainly contain sugar water. These drinks have up to 10% of fruit juice and as much sugar as a regular soda pop.

Certain new studies claim those fructoses found in these drinks can even affect a person’s metabolism in a way it will store more body fat. Studies also claim that people who consume fructose-sweetened drinks gain fat faster and are in more danger of becoming obese.People should also know that fact that obesity grew from 12% to 17.9%.

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