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Steps to success - ten small steps to take towards weight loss

Everyone who ever tried to lose some excess weight knows it’s not easy. Losing or maintaining healthy weight demands certain discipline and motivation. Many people don’t even have the courage to start with weight loss, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be so hard. Make baby steps, one step at the time and enjoy the process. After a week, add another baby step and next week - another one. After a while, you will be eating and living healthy and you won’t be overweight anymore.

Forget Sodas

Don’t drink coke or similar soda drinks. Diet coke is not a good option either, but if you can’t get rid of all sodas, at least try to minimize and use only diet drinks. Water and tea are always much better choices than any of these soda drinks. Remember that quitting just a can of soda every day you could save about 150 calories. For a week, that’s 1050 and for three weeks without your daily can of soda you will take 3150 calories less than usual. Speaking in terms of weight – 3500 calories is about one pound of weight. So, think about quitting coke for weight loss.

Water is Healthy

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It may seem very much, but if you spread it during the day you won’t even notice it. When your body gets enough water it doesn’t crave for snacks. This way, you will save additional calories and improve your weight loss.

Eat Healthier

Vegetables are good for people trying to lose excess weight. Eat more vegetables during the meals and you won’t need to take some snacks after.

Use Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is much better option for cooking than some other cooking oils. It is more expensive, but it also comes with much more flavors and good fats for you.

Lose the Cookies

Cookies and sweets won’t help you to lose excess weight. Sometimes you need to refuse a birthday cake or stop yourself from buying sweets. Do that and look forward to better looking you.

Use the Stairs

Every time you have an option – stairs or the lift, use the stairs. This simple exercise will burn extra calories and your body will start to burn even more after the initial activity.

Park in the Back

Every time you use your car, park further away from the place you are going to. It will force you to walk and burn more calories and be healthier.

Walk Every Chance You’ve Got

If exercise is too hard for you at the moment, start walking. Enjoy the surroundings, walk your pet or talk to your friend while walking.

Start Some Exercise

After a while, your body will be ready to exercise. Use small hand weights and exercise at your home, if you prefer that to the gym. Research the Internet and find out about proper weight lifting exercises.

Congratulate Yourself

After you’ve done all of this, it is time to smile and congratulate yourself, because you are much closer to become healthier individual. Do something nice for yourself and enjoy your achievement.

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