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Information on Whiskey

There are numerous persons who count the calories of every meal they eat and every beverage they drink. The main reason for that is that they want to have a perfect body. One of the best ways to do so is to cut down the consumption of sugary syrups, fizzy drinks, sodas and all different types of alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, there are many restaurants which list their drinks according to the number of calories they contain, so that a person may order the beverage which has the lowest amount of calories.

Whiskey is widely spread everywhere around the world and all whiskey fans and connoisseurs have their own preferred best variety of whiskey. All types of whiskey are distilled from the fermented grain mash but it is the variety of different grains used that defines the differences of numerous varieties of whiskey. The most common used grains are barley, corn, rye, wheat, malted rye and malted barley. Whiskey is usually preserved in oak casks. The highest quality varieties of whiskey are those who matured and aged in their wooden casks.

Different types of whiskey also have different quality, base product and the amount of contained alcohol. Malt is always made from malted barley unlike its grain counterparts which involve un-malted barley and certain other types of grains during the production. Blended varieties combine the grain and the malt.

Each blend usually comes from a number of different distilleries since each flavor is usually associated with one brand. All varieties of whiskey need to be distilled down to up to 80 percent of alcohol for corn and up to 90 percent for all the other types of grains. Whiskey can only mature in a wooden cask which may also interact with its taste and chemical makeup. The alcoholic strength of most varieties of whisky is somewhere around 40 percent alcohol by volume.

Calories in Whiskey

Each whiskey shot of 1 fl oz weighs about 27.8 grams and contains 64 calories. 1 oz of scotch contains somewhere between 61 and 65 calories. A serving of 8 oz of whiskey and water on the rocks may contain up to 124 calories. An ounce of whiskey sour usually contains somewhere between 110 and 128 calories. 25 ml of whiskey and soda contain up to 56 calories, while the same serving of whiskey and coke may contain up to 129 calories. The same amount of whiskey served with diet coke contains only 64 calories. Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.

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