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Alcohol is known to cause significant damage to many organsin human body, including the heart, brain, lungs and the liver. However, thisis not the only problem it may cause. Talking about something else related tothe consummation of alcoholic drinks there is no one who didn’t see the beerbelly. Yes, this is definitely caused by alcohol.

How Come Alcohol Can Be Fattening?

It’s simple – alcoholic drinks contain certain amount ofcalories. If you start to drink too much you will take too many calories yourbody doesn’t need and they will be stored as body fat. There are also otherreasons why alcohol causes excess weight, including increase of appetite, decreasein absorption of minerals and vitamins, dehydration and many other effects onhuman body.

Alcohol increases appetite. All alcoholic drinks have thistendency, but if you drink wine you are even more in trouble and you should becareful how much you eat with it. Large quantities of alcohol affect theabsorption of valuable substances such as vitamins and minerals. Your liverfinds the job of detoxifying the body from excess alcohol more important thanabsorption of minerals and vitamins and this doesn’t get any better even if eating healthy food. Also, alcohol is known to battle for the absorptionand it is always the first of the substances in digestive system to be absorbed.

Alcohol is diuretic and as such it is well known to causedehydration. You may exercise properly, but the excess drinking will definitelystop building of your muscles and affect your overall health. Drinking clearwater is the best thing you can do after a long night in the bar.

Another thing with alcohol is that too much of it willprevent you to lose the fat. Instead of the fat, your body will adjust to usebyproducts of alcohol metabolism (acetate) and the fat will stay on. In fact,some studies reveled that 24g of alcoholic drinks will decrease the fat burningfor more than 70%.

Additional Effects of Alcohol

Men drinking too much alcohol are fund to experience significantdecrease in the level of testosterone and cortisol. This effect is present for24 hours after the excess drinking and becomes even more apparent if the personwent to the gym and exercised before the night in town. Many professionaltrainers are well aware of this fact and thus recommend their protegees to skipthe training if they plan to go out later that night.

Quality of sleep is yet another thing alcohol can affect. This substance is known to alter total sleeping time and disturb normalsequence of sleep, causing problems with the rebuilding and growth of themuscles.

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