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Chances are that the body will suffer some effects due to the consummation of soda, so we will see what effects this beverage has on the human body. Soft drink, fizzy drink, coke or soda is a very popular drink in the whole world, but in America, where it originated, is where the popularity of this drink reaches its peak. A person in America drinks around 14.5 ounces of soda every day. This drink is mostly popular among the younger population but the adults also keep on drinking soda, which has integrated itself in every meal to such an extent that some people cannot eat without this beverage. There are no minerals, vitamins or some other nutrients in it, and in fact, it is not a healthy drink at all. It has carbon acids, preservatives, phosphorus, caffeine, flavorings, artificial sweeteners sugar and other harmful ingredients, so you can imagine how many medical problems can occur in the future if this drink becomes a part of your life. We will cover every ingredient of this drink in detail and see just how dangerous they are, as well as the drink itself.


Soda has phosphoric acid, which is a very important part of this drink. It can lead to deficiency of magnesium and calcium if drank excessively and the body depends on these two minerals to keep the muscle, nerve and heart rate function normal. The fact that they are also responsible for blood clotting and making the bones strong indicates how important these minerals are. Their deficiency may lead to bone fracture among kids, osteoporosis, damaged arteries, tooth decay and loss of tooth structure. Caffeine is the next ingredient, which can cause several harmful effects on the human body. It can lead to premenstrual syndrome, depression, muscle stiffness, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea, sever anxiety and irregular heartbeat. Cola has a lot of sugar in the fructose corn syrup form, which can lead to high blood cholesterol, obesity, weight gain, diabetes, high chances of developing heart problems and increased phosphorus levels. Still, even if you consume sugar free soda, you will not be devoid of these harmful effects because in these drinks there are artificial sweeteners, which can cause high sweets and junk food cravings and thus the obesity and weight gain. Blood can be more acidic and the levels of acidity altered due to the effect of the carbon acid found in the cola. The levels of pH are increased because the soda has a level of 2.5 to 3 and the body 7.4 and due to this, there may be problems such as high level of acidity, which causes medical problems and weak immune system. Additional problems possible in this situation are kidney stones, gallstones, heart problems, arthritis, cancer, acid peptic diseases, diabetes, heartburn and other problems connected with acidity.

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