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Sodas, the Covert Enemy of Human Health

People, especially children, consumesodas regularly. These are one of the greatest joys of childhood, asall of us remember the euphoric feeling we felt every time we weresupposed to enjoy these tasty beverages. However, people, beingpreoccupied with alcohol, smoking, drugs and other dangeroussubstances seem to have forgotten todoubt the health values of these synthetic beverages. Still, thereare plenty of things we should be afraid of, damaging our health witheach gulp of these cheerful drinks. One of the most dangeroussubstances found in sodas is phosphoric acid. Thus, the followinglines will try and describe the effect of this element onto one'shealth, solving the question whether sodas are good for everydayconsumption or not.

Sodas and Phosphoric Acid

Before even discussing the negativeeffects of phosphoric acid in sodas, we need to mention the grimeffects of many other substances which get into our organism throughsoda beverages we consume. Namely, there are numerous additives,artificial tastes and color ingredients as well as many other,potentially harmful substances being basic parts of many types ofsoda. Sugar is another problem. Sodas are quite rich in sugar andexcessive sugar leads to dental and overall bodily deterioration inthe long run. Moreover, these drinks often contain caffeine, which isa well know problem for our health, potentially causing birth defectsin pregnant women and many other problems. All in all, sodas are madeout of dozens of harmful substances. Still, phosphoric acid seems tobe the worst one there.

This acid, being responsible for thefizzy character of sodas, as well as for their recognizable taste, isalso a source of many different problems. First of all, this aciddestroys one's teeth. Then, it increases a person's chances ofdeveloping osteoporosis since it disrupts the balance between calciumand phosphorus levels in our body. Lack of calcium means weak bones,resulting in numerous problems regarding our skeletal construction.Moreover, this notorious acid attacks our kidneys, since it triggersdehydration because people do not drink enough water but, rather,exchange it for soda.

Finally, there are plenty more wherethese came from. However, this handful of harmful substances is quiteenough to open your eyes and make you realize what enters your bodyas soon as you take a sip of your favorite soda. So, be careful and,if you have to drink these beverages, make sure you do it inmoderation.

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