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The kettlebell is a Russian traditional cast iron weight resembling a cannonball, only with a handle. It has become an increasingly popular exercise tool largely because of the efforts of Olympic athletes coming primarily from Russia. Today there are quite a few well-known companies that had emerged as leading producers of their own brands of kettlebells and kettlebell exercise programs. Some modern kettlebells have options for self-adjustment of weights, and workouts with this prop are meant to increase strength and endurance, as well as agility and balance. Therefore, it is no wonder why this exercise requisite has made such a boom in fitness industry. But this doesn’t mean that kettlebell is just a trend bound to last only a limited period of time. This is true because this exercise tool has a number of benefits and is used in regular exercising by all of the world’s top strength coaches – Steve Maxwell, Christian Thibaudeau and the rest.

As far as its benefits are concerned, probably the greatest one is that it has a potential to help us burn our surplus calories faster than any of the other known methods and practices. Most effective techniques include swings, clean and jerks and snatches done with this prop. Despite the fact that there are numerous exercise activities that help us burn excessive fat, such as jogging and sprinting for example, these exercises with kettlebell as high repeated snatches (at least 15 in one set) tend to make the previous activities more less ineffective. These types of snatches are particularly good since they employ more than one muscle group during the exercise activity, thus accumulating strength in the lower back area, hip flexors and shoulders. Also it has copious benefits for the cardiovascular system, especially the ballistic kettlebell exercise.

Probably the best way to get the maximum out of exercises with this prop is to combine it with some other aerobic activities such as running, rope jumping, etc. This combo technique is also called High Octane Cardio, or HOC. One of the often suggested HOC exercise programs, which is effective for burning excessive fat and strengthening cardiovascular ways is made of the following: 10 one arm swings are followed by jumping rope for a minute and ten arm stretches. Jumping rope for one minute, and 10 two-arm swings are followed by rope jumping again, then 10 minute clean and jerk with one arm, rope jumping and 10 swings with one arm at the end. In the case you find this too aggressive and intimidating, have in mind that the greatest majority of athletes uses it in their exercises and get astonishing results on the track and pitch. If you want to follow their lead, don’t hesitate but come and join them.

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