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When it comes to exercising, we have to admit that a lot ofprogress has been made in the past several decades. This means that thestructure of the exercising has changed thanks to the scientific researches.Many studies have been made in order to determine what is the best exercise forcertain muscle group, best workout for the entire body, what is excellent forfat burning, what is effective when it comes to building muscle mass, etc. Also,it has to be emphasized that experts always recommend the use of some diet, or weshould say healthy eating in combination with proper exercising. Actually,since we are all different, both mentally and physically, it is recommended tocreate a plan for each individual, the kind of plan that will benefit the best to their bodiesand needs.


This does not mean that doing push ups and jogging isoutdated. No, actually, that is still the basics. But it has to be upgraded. Forexample, when jogging, splash it with 10 second sprints, because that will induceeven more intensive fat burning process. As for push ups, just try to do clappush ups, which are the same thing, just try to clap your hands while pushing up. A sprintand a clap make these exercises an entire different thing, pointing thepractitioner towards new and different types of exercising -plyometric and cardio interval training. But that should be done in order fortraining session to be as effective as possible, which many people actually wantand ask from exercising, because pace of life does not leave us too much freetime.

The example

A nice example of a new and a bit different exercise is aketlebell swing. What are kettlebell swings? First of all, this is notsomething new, this has been used for centuries, and it found a new purposenow. Kettlebells have a round shape with a handle that can be grabbed by bothhands. The weight differs and it goes from just a few pounds to many, manymore. The point of the kettlebell swing is that it activates so many muscles inthe organism while performing this exercise, that it can be almost called acardio workout. But since in some situations the weight of the kettlebellallows nothing but anaerobic processes in the organism, it can also be includedin muscle mass workout. Basically, it is a great exercise for both fitness and musclebuilding part.

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