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In a world where everyone seems to have less time for the exercises, jumping rope comes as a blessing. It can be done at home at any time, and one does not require any additional equipment. Jumping rope is a great exercise with many health benefits.

Skipping rope is an activity with enhanced cardiovascular properties. The person jumps over it by making the rope pass under the feet and over the head in a circular motion. Many famous athletes have always used this activity to help them in staying fit, and now more and more people devote some precious time to this activity because they do not have all day to stay at the gym and work out. Jumping rope burns excess fat and strengthens various groups of muscles in the human body.

There are a few different jumping rope techniques but the common thing for all of them is that the person should always start slower and then build the speed gradually. The length of a practice session should also be increased gradually. Basic jumping is when one jumps with both feet in the air at the same time and the alternate foot jump is when the feet get alternated in between jumps. Double under requires a higher jump and a double rope swing per each jump. Double dutch requires two ropes that go in different directions.

Jumping rope has so many health benefits and that is why it is very popular among people who are into fitness. The main reason is that it burns significant amounts of calories and triggers the same heart rate as jogging and running but does not put that much stress on the knees. It is very beneficial because it strengthens the arms, shoulders, calves and abdomen muscles. Since it burns the calories it is very helpful in losing weight and it enhances the endurance levels, coordination and agility. Any cardiovascular exercise increases the metabolic levels and keeps them elevated for longer periods of time.

Jumping rope is the simplest type of exercise and it only requires a rope made from vinyl, cloth or leather. It is also one of the cheapest ways of exercising because the jumping ropes are inexpensive and are also very portable. It is very time efficient and due to its simple nature it significantly decreases the chance of skipping the workout. If one finds this type of workout somewhat boring, some stimulating music can be very helpful.

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