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Weight lifting and exercising in general have many benefits. These concern physical health through staying fit, increasing one's strength and stamina and providing one with an excellent body figure. Also, besides the previously mentioned physical benefits, there is a mental improvement and balance achievable through weight lifting, mainly through relaxation, rise of self-confidence, and concentration level. Finally, weight lifting can be organized as to help one fight any health conditions he or she might be suffering from.

Benefits Of Weight Lifting

First of all the benefits is, as with most physical activities out there, maintaining and reducing body weight. Regular weight lifting and proper nutrition to follow the whole process, guarantees positive effects. That being said, an hour a day is enough if it is well organized exercise and if you are eating healthy and proper food.

Continuing our list of benefits, the next one considers body strength, stamina and overall condition. Namely, these exercises can make one look and feel strong and fit, all these being visible on the outside. Also, by maintaining a schedule, one develops stamina and body condition, enabling him or her to advance and progress even more. Bones, joints and muscles get stronger and more flexible, making one more resistant to possible injuries or old-age conditions.

Another important set of benefits may interest women more than men, but is surely equally crucial. Weight lifting boosts one's immunity and makes him or her more resistant to many viral, fungal or bacterial diseases around us. Also, it boosts and maintains one's metabolism, having healthy and good sleep as an excellent “side-effect”. Finally, there are numerous mental benefits regarding one's self-esteem and overall satisfaction with him or herself.

Weight Lifting Against Diseases

These types of exercises are known to help with numerous chronic diseases regarding many organs and parts of the body. Regular practicing of weight lifting makes one cope with his or her conditions more easily and successfully.

Through what has been written so far, one may conclude that weight lifting presents an excellent companion when it comes to protecting one's heart and preventing many illnesses as well as boosting one's metabolism. This way of exercising ensures a strong heart and a healthy metabolism, among many other benefits.

However, the list does not stop there since this type of activity helps those suffering from diabetes by reducing blood pressure and improving glucose control. For people fighting cancer, weight lifting accompanying the whole chemotherapy period makes one's body stronger and more powerful, increasing one's capability of endurance.

Finally, this activity is good for any bone or joint conditions such as Parkinson's disease, arthritis or osteoporosis since it strengthens them as well as muscles.

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