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In order to achieve full fitness and to build stamina levels, swimmers will need to take part in gym-based workouts in addition to their pool routine. Gym workouts for swimmers are designed to help the athletes maximize and add to the effects of their swimming routine. The primary goal will be to increase flexibility, power, strength and endurance, the most important of which is probably the strength workout. These workouts should be undertaken about three times per week, and weight lifting should not be performed to excess.

Warming up

Before one starts a gym workout, one should warm up correctly. This can be done through the use of a rowing machine, a jumping rope or a treadmill. Warming up correctly should help to prepare the body for exercise and also increase ones blood flow.

Working out

The workout itself should last about an hour. Be sure to take breaks between the different sets of exercises. First on the list of exercises should be dumbbell exercises. Begin lifting weights that weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. Avoid starting with heavy weights even if you are capable of lifting them. Dumbbell lifting should be undertaken in the form of three sets of 10-12 repetitions. Be sure to undertake the recommended amount of sets in each of the following extensions: overhead, triceps, bicep curls and bench press.

Weight-assisted dip devices and pull-up training devices

In order to strengthen the triceps and upper back muscles, one should use weight-assisted dip devices and pull-up training devices. Perform three sets on each machine. Use the Universal machine and free weights in order to work out the quadriceps, hamstrings and lats. Strength exercises should be undertaken twice each week.

Avoid excessive weight training

Swimmers should avoid excessive weight training. The goal of strength training should be to build up the chest, shoulders and triceps. About 12 reps should be undertaken with regard to each muscle group. Muscle tightness and injury can be avoided through the performance of a hundred meter swim. Do not follow a weight workout with the same workout the following day. Instead, take a day off or perform your usual swimming routine. Always take care not to overdo the weight training as this can have negative effects on the body's physiology.


In addition to working out in a gym, swimmers should take care to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. If necessary, one can ask for the help of an experienced trainer, who can help one to maximize the effects and benefits of ones gym based workouts.

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