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Cardiovascular endurance exercises are great way to burn more calories and explore and extend your limits. Besides these benefits, such exercises are helpful to overcome various cardiovascular diseases. Many sport coaches and athletes use these exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance and be prepared for tougher games and matches. People who want to get rid of excess fat may also use cardiovascular endurance exercises and they will be pleased with achieved results. Cardiovascular endurance exercises test your aerobic endurance and since there is always going to be some increase of the workout, this should result in increased cardiovascular endurance and increased amount of oxygen to the muscles.

How Much to Exercise?

Many professional trainers recommend cardiovascular endurance workout three times per week. In an ideal situation, people should do 3 to 6 aerobic exercises one day and repeat them shuffled three times a week. Simply use your normal workouts and increase resistance, speed or duration of your exercises and you will raise your cardiovascular endurance.

Some people may use these exercises for loss of excess weight, but before you try to do so, consult your doctor and ask him or her for advice, for this may not be healthy in your case, for some reason.

Do You Know Some Cardiovascular Exercises?

Of course you do, everyone knows these exercises. Most kids and many adults know about skip rope and this is one of great cardiovascular exercises there is. Try jumping the skip rope very fast for some 10 to 15 minutes and you will realize that’s not so easy. If 15 minutes is too easy, try to skip the rope at a fast pace for 20 minutes or so. When this becomes boring, simply increase the speed.

Some people prefer running for cardiovascular endurance. Run as long as you possibly can somewhere outside or on the treadmill. Sometimes, treadmill can be better option, because it can maintain constant speed. Set the goal to the distance, not to the speed, but once you got used to the current speed, increased it.

Exercise Bikes and Step Machines

Exercise bikes and step machines are also cardiovascular exercises and you should perform these some 15 to 20 minutes. These exercises are great because you can easily change the incline and speed.

Push-ups and Chin-ups

Try doing as many push-ups as you can in one set. Every time you push up breathe out and then breathe in, moving to your back. Relax for 2 minutes and do another set. If you can, try doing third set after a minute or two of rest.

Chin-ups are cardiovascular exercise for people who regularly visit the gym. Do as many chin-ups you can in one set, rest for a minute or two and do another and then third set (if you can).

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